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24 hours in Hong Kong?

Since moving to China, I have been very fortune for the long and the short term travel opportunities I have been given.  I am even more ecstatic to announce that I will be embarking of a number of new escapades in the few months starting in January. Throughout the four months I have lived in China, I have hiked 3 mountains (not intense ones), ate an unnecessary amount of noodles, taught some intelligent 8  year olds about the importance of hygiene and a balanced diet. But what has been even more exciting than that though is I have wandered off to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou,  Taiwan and the most recent addition: Hong Kong. Making visa runs out of the country every 60 days to some would seem like an inconvenience, but for me, I love nothing more than a free flight and a weekend getaway. This months visa run was off to Hong Kong. If you ever find yourself with a long layover in the country or just visiting for the weekend, here is what you need to know:

Quick important facts:– Hong Kong is NOT apart of China as some people are not aware. Therefore, do not show up with the Chinese currency of RMB because it will not be accepted. In Hong Kong,  they use the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). And although English speakers are easy to find within the country, they also speak Cantonese. Cantonese is the predominant Chinese language spoken in Hong Kong and Macau.


Now, here is what you can do upon your arrival in the vibrant country!

How to get to Hong Kong?

I flew with Cathay Pacific Airlines for the first time and have no complaints. I mean, they served Häagen-Dazs ice cream with my in-flight meal, how could I complain?

How to get around Hong Kong:

Once you step foot off your flight, if you are someone who likes to get from point A to B quickly and with no traffic, buy an Octopus card ASAP. The Octopus card is very similar to the Oyster card for those of you that have traveled to London. The Octopus card is used to travel on the MTR and can also be used to pay for purchases at 7-11 and other vendors with the logo at the cash register. With just a quick tap, you have Hong Kong literally in the palm of your hand. The Octopus card requires a minimum of 50 HKD on it, however is worth the money as you will use it consistently throughout your visit. The MTR is very easy to navigate around the island and with a growing population of 7.1 million people, you can always ask someone for help!

What to do: Victoria Peak


Want to see a 360 view of Hong Kong lit up at night? Want to see the sunrise or sunset from 554m above? Victoria Peak is a mountain located in the Western half of Hong Kong Island. If you are limited for time in Hong Kong like I was and still want to catch a glimpse of it all, you can do that here. To reach the top of The Peak, the fastest way to do so is to ride The Peak Tram.  By taking the tram, on your ride up to the top you will be surrounded by scenic views of Hong Kong Island. For more information on purchasing tickets and hours the tram runs, you can follow this link:

What to do: Repulse Bay

Hong Kong is so much more than a business and shopping hub, it also offers beautiful beaches that can serve as a getaway from all the hectic hustle and bustle that can be very overwhelming at times. Repulse Bay is home to million dollars apartment complexes and California beach vibes with a tropical resort feel.  Located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, kick back and take a break from being a tourist. Hopefully are hungry when you reach this point too as there are plenty of beach front restaurants waiting to serve you!


What to do:  Take the Star Ferry

An excellent way to relax and see the island from on the water is by taking The Star Ferry.  By taking the ferry, you will be exposed to a circular route of the main highlighted points of the island such as: Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Wan Chai. This tour is recommend both during the day, and at night! To check out more rates and times, click here:


Star Ferry view at night

Where to eat: Cafes and Resturants:

N1 Cafe & Co – Located at: Shop G, 34 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Passion by Gerard Dubois – Located at: Shop A, G/F, Lyton Building, No.32-48 Mody Road

Beef and Liberty – Located at: Stanley Plaza, The Piazza, G04, G/F,, 23 Carmel Rd, Stanley, Hong Kong


Any questions or comments, let me know! xx


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I am a strong believer in karma, luck and timing but I also believe you are entirely responsible for how your life turns out. For the last 7 years I have been anxiously waiting to move abroad and start a whole new chapter in my life. A new home address, a new job, new relationships, a new city and new travels to look forward to. Now that graduation is quickly approaching I can’t wait for it all to unravel and become reality. I am entirely responsible for how I want my life to turn out and where I want it to go. So are you✨ #travelitaly #solofemaletravel #backpackerstory #roamtheplanet #femaletravel #procida #lovethisglobe #pinktrotters #mytinyatlas #letsgoeverywhere #sheisnotlost
It’s all messy. The bed, the hair, the words, the clothes, the heart and this life. 🌴 #mexico #cancun #islamujeres
Explain to someone how much you love them that they love you three times as much afterwards. Express to someone why you are angry and explain it so well that they themselves are angry about whatever it is with you. Tell someone how much you miss them that they cry about it. Let people know how you feel when you feel it because I promise it will be worth it 💙 #bellletstalk #procida #italy #solofemaletravel #passionpassport #lovethisglobe #roamtheplanet #backpackerstory #girlslovetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #takemebackpacking #tinyatlasquarterly #wearetravelgirls
Do you ever find yourself telling someone a story that happened to you and once it’s over think “Wow, what is my life?” Because same. 🙈 In other news, can’t believe it’s been two years since I was sitting on this boat in the sunshine over in Vietnam🌿 #vietnam #travelvietnam #solofemaletravel #southeastasia #passionpassport #backpackerstory #mekongdelta #roamtheplanet #lovethisglobe #takemebackpacking #letsgoeverywhere
Your partner doesn’t define what you do!!! Over the last few months I have heard countless break up stories and they all seem to have two things in common: 1) One person is ready to settle down and the other isn’t. 2) They all end their break up story with “Now I can travel.” I have to ask, why can’t you travel when you are in a relationship? Why do you have to wait until something bad happens? Your partner doesn’t have to come with you when you travel, leave them at home and go by yourself or with your friends if that’s what you want. You can even travel WITH your partner when you are together. Experience what YOU want to experience when you want to experience it. I’ve traveled in relationships, out of relationships, on my own, taken trips just because I want and I don’t let anyone tell me I can’t go because it’s MY life and I do what I want, when I want. If your partner can’t accept that, then I think we have found the problem ✌🏻 #femaletravel #solofemaletravel #mexcio #cancun #roamtheplanet #passionpassport #sheisnotlost #backpackerstory #mytinyatlas #letsgoeverywhere
“Home is everywhere and nowhere” - Home is more than just four walls and a place to rest your head to sleep. Home could also be your favourite spot on the beach that gets the best sunlight all day long. Home could be a place where you walk through the door of your local bar and the bartender already has your drink prepared. Home could also just simply be the idea that your favourite city of all time is a just a flight away and knowing it’s not going anywhere. Home will always be there when you’re ready for it ✨ #Paros #Greece #passionpassport #solofemaletravel #tinyatlasquarterly #sheisnotlost #roamtheplanet #pinktrotters

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