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Why I’m excited for solo travel

The name for my blog “Solo Roaming” originated from when I thought this past February I would be travelling to California, well, solo. It turned out after months of soul searching, in the end I found a friend who was willing to come along for the journey south. We booked our flights three weeks prior to departure and headed down to the sunny state as part of our University reading week which is like a Spring break for those who are not familiar with a term some of us use here in Canada! However, now the time has come, I am FINALLY going solo. This time around it is bigger, better and farther than California. I could not even tell you the last time I was this ecstatic for a new adventure and am even more stoked because I get to experience it alone. Now that I am going head into this new chapter of travel alone, I have put a lot more research into this European escapade than I did last year. I knew when I had a travel companion, if something went wrong we would have one another to fall back on; this time – I only have myself. I am ready for the challenge that is sadly now considered “Going old fashion” which actually requires using paper maps with actual coordinates on it rather than Siri on an IPhone or google maps. I will be navigating my way through the streets of Vienna where I will begin wandering around aimlessly alone with a map and myself. Besides all that I have so far told you so far, I have compiled a few reasons here that explain more in depth why I am excited for my Europe 2.0 experience, solo.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

1) I can do what I want, when I want: “You will go farther and faster when you are on your own”. When I wake up in the morning, I will get ready and leave whenever I am prepared to start the day and this goes for every day, whether I am travelling or not. When there is two of you or more travelling together, you have to wait for the whole crew to wake up and get prepared for the day, when you are alone, you are working around your own schedule that you catered to yourself. Being alone, I can also check out all the aspects of the country that interest me, I don’t have to compromise or accommodate to what someone else wants to see, it is all me. When I am by myself, I will also get through museums, art gallery’s, whatever it may be, faster because I do not have to stop of another person along the way.

2) I only have to worry about myself: As much as I truly did want a backpacking buddy to come along with me this summer, it was just not in the cards. The people who I really had a keen interest in travelling with, I asked continuously, gave them plenty of opportunities to make a final decision, but everyone’s priority’s are different at my age. A big factor of travelling is money as well which stopped many people in coming. Those who want to save money to travel, will do it no problem, those who are not dedicated will end up staying home. Once I accepted the fact that no one was either dedicated enough to come along or simply could not, I realized, why do I really need a travel partner when I have myself? I can save the money, I want to go badly enough that I should just go; from then on nothing really stopped me. If I was still waiting around for people to decide whether or not this is what they wanted, I would still be waiting. The point is – now that I don’t have to worry about another person, I can focus on myself. I don’t have to worry about arguing with a friend, being paranoid about getting split up and never finding them, or even being lumped with another person constantly when sometimes you just want to be alone, the list goes on, but this time around, I do not need to think about any of those scenarios.


Santa Cruz, California 

3) You learn more about yourself: My experience in Europe and other various countries has already taught me a tremendous amount about the world, other cultures and about other people in general, therefore I can only imagine what I will discover on my own. Some sort of satisfaction comes along with teaching yourself and pushing yourself to accomplish new and different tasks. Think about a time when you thought you would never be able to do something successfully, and then you did it. Remember how good it felt? When you only have yourself to rely on, that is when you become a stronger, smarter, and more confident individual. I know I am going to get lost, I know I am going to wonder how I got myself into situations that I wish I hadn’t and I know that it will sometimes be scary when I am the only person I know half way across the world, however I also know that if I don’t try solo travel, I will never know what it is like. I can already tell as soon as I get started, I am going to wonder why I did not do it sooner.

This is just the start on some of my thoughts about beginning solo travel! If you have already taken the plunge, feel free to share some tips on how to be your best travel companion or why you think travelling alone is an adventure itself!


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