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Where will you be three years from now?

I could not tell you where I will be three years from now, or where she will be, or where he will be, or where anyone I know will be for that matter. I could however tell you though, that the future is just as unpredictable as you expected it to be. If you look back three years ago from today, what were you doing? Who were your best friends? Did they think you would be where you are right now?

As I was reminiscing through old graduation photos from 2012, I realized how much as truly changed, but I am not saying it is a bad scenario how this current day as panned out for me. I thought University was going to wild and exciting, filled with a continuum of laughter and parties that end at 4AM in the local dorms downtown, similar to the way they portray university in the movies. Then I realized, in the movies that is all they show and the actors never actually go to class or spend countless hours pondering “I hate my life, what am I doing?” Before entering university, grown ups were always saying how “It will be the best years of your life!” Now I’m wondering, did those people ever actually go to school? This is such a lie. However, the people who are usually telling you it will change your life in the long run, how the people you meet in university will be your life long friends, are the people who live away from home, on a couple thousand dollar scholarship and if they are super lucky, bask in the sun as they walk from class to class and have a local sushi bar within 15 meters of their classroom. Or maybe I’m thinking of PCA on Zoey 101, because that school was always every pre-teens dream.


For myself, I will always continue to remember when my Mom and I went down to the University of Winnipeg to pay for my first year tuition, as she looked up above at the bright yellow staircase that tangles around student central, she turned to me and said “Sarah, you will love it here” Time to time since then, I always wonder why she would assume that I would love school in general. If you have ever stepped foot into U of W, you would know that appearance wise it is nothing that spectacular. I have formed plenty of new friendships yes, some that may continue to stick around after graduation in three years, some that may not. I can also tell you, that yes University has changed my life, only because I can tell that in comparison to three years ago, I am a lot smarter, I have taken classes that have fascinated me, some that have put me to sleep. Some that have made me completely me want to drop out for good, and some that have made me realize what I am passionate about. I just wonder, did University really make me grow as a person, or did something else?

I had a job interview last week, where the man asked me “What was a time in your life where you overcame a obstacle or challenge?” Immediately I laughed because I never know if people will laugh at my response or just think I am straight up stupid. Within a few seconds I had an answer, but my mind didn’t shift right towards a time in class when I overcame a math question I didn’t think I could do. My mind automatically thought about when I was in Europe, where every day a situation would arrive where we were either lost, confused or thought we would never get to where we needed to go. I explained to the man who was interviewing me, that while travelling there is always a time that I am going to be challenged and pushed to my limits, but that is the point. I knew when I got onto the plane that there will be times when I will get scared, I will get frustrated, I will have no idea what I am doing, but no matter what I have to do it and that is the challenge in itself. Travel made me physically and mentally a stronger person and I think now I can do just about anything life throws my way. I believe that no matter what the outcome of the situation is, it will become a story worth telling. I guess he liked that answer since I ended up getting the job.

I don’t know where I will be in three days, three months or three years from now, or where you will be, where she will be, or where he will be, but I do know for sure, that it will be a tale worth telling.


One comment on “Where will you be three years from now?

  1. Jeannette Wolfe
    March 23, 2015

    Way to go girl


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