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Where did I leave my heart?

The day I left California was the day my heart never felt the same. As I waved farewell to one of my new favorite cities and departed from the San Francisco airport, since then have felt homesick for a place that isn’t even considered my “home.” My passport says I’m Canadian, a big majority of my friends and family all live in Winnipeg, so why would I question that home could be anywhere else other than where I actually reside? I guess this is when I learned the real definition of the overused cliche, “Home is where the heart is.”


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

I have always been terrible with goodbyes, absolutely horrific at them. I get upset when I squeeze my friends with a farewell hug when they come home to visit for a few days. I cry when my flight departs from the runway because I never know when I will visit that exact spot again. As you can tell, I hate goodbyes. They are unpredictable, similar to the way life can be. We never know when the next “Hello” will be exchanged with a person, place or thing. I know my heart is strong and can survive just about anything I put it through, however the thoughts and actions of goodbyes always seem to make it feel weak, like glass about to shatter into a million little pieces, an impossible jigsaw puzzle that continues to be missing that single piece left from the box, it will never truly be complete.

Travel makes the heart grow fonder which happens to be the price you pay when you are fortunate enough to wonder the outskirts of your own city. When you are blessed to know people in various towns, provinces, states and countries around the world, apart of you will always be missing. You constantly leave a chunk of your heart and soul behind in oceans, pubs, side streets, parks, you get the idea. I guess what I am trying to say is, it is okay to be in love with more than just one place, it is okay to have more than one best friend and it is okay to be on your own once it awhile in order to find out where you truly belong in this big world of ours, because after all, home is where the heart is. I just can’t seem to recall where I last left mine.


SFO International Airport – Flying home


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