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To be free means…

Deep down, I think we all crave a desire to be free. Free from work, from school, assignments, from relationships that we no longer serve a purpose for, free from the reality of the life we currently live in and set ourselves into a dream world. We are only human, however, we as humans from time to time simply need a break. No responsibilities, no one telling us what to do, we just want to break free for awhile and forget what is on our “To Do” list that we haven’t even thought of starting. To some individuals, being free simply means having a day off from our full or part time jobs, having no where to be, even if it means we don’t leave our home all day or change out of our pajamas.  For others it may mean that we do yoga, garden, dance, gather up a group of friends and drink wine together, or the best freedom of all, could mean to travel.

To be free, can come in various forms. whether it is getting lost and being okay with it; not using a map, your iPhone doesn’t pick up a signal as you wander aimlessly, completely content with the fact you have no idea which direction you came from and have no idea which way you will be heading back in. To be free and having no concept of time only because you have no where to be and no one is expecting you to be at a specific place at a specific time. To be free and accepting the fact that it is okay to have cake for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. It is okay to do things in the opposite order of what is known as the “norm” or what is “proper.”  From my perspective, I think as individuals whether young or old, we get so caught up in life and its expectations for us, we forget that it is okay not to do things a certain way or just because everyone else is doing one element of life, and you are doing something different. It tends to scare us that we aren’t always identical to everyone else’s idea of doing life the “right way.”

No one said you had to live your life a precise way, they just said you had to live it.

So, go get lost, go be free


One comment on “To be free means…

  1. myadviceforyourlife
    March 11, 2015

    Yes live it and try to enjoy every minute because we only get one!! Great post


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